Central India Tour Packages

The Heart and Soul of India with Tigers and Temples

Tour Central India, and you will experience both excitement and serenity. In the midst of the boisterous bustle, calm somehow pervades: a deep well of devotion and transcendent dignity that is as old as time. History bursts forth on a tour of Central India—including medieval capitals to a 2,700-year-old holy city—and exists right alongside the modern version of this fascinating country.

Exciting Wildlife Adventures and Peaceful Spiritual Cities

Experience the singular thrill of seeing a tiger up close at Bandhavgarh National Park, and hike up an escarpment to the ancient fort that gives the park its name. Visit Kanha National Park, the place that inspired Kipling’s The Jungle Book—and still inspires travelers with its lush environs and its captivating collection of rare animals. Or perhaps you wish to opt for the serenity of some of Bihar’s spiritual centers: like Bodhgaya, the place where the Buddha reached enlightenment under a Bodhi tree. And discover Rajgir, a spiritual epicenter where Buddhist, Jain and Hindu pilgrims all flock to worship and reflect.

Khajuraho, Orchha, Varanasi—Where the Past Comes Alive

As you experience some of the ancient cities in Central India, it can feel as though you are traveling back through time. After exploring stunningly detailed carvings in the temples of Khajuraho and the weathered, wondrous palaces and chhatris of Orchha, you’ll likely agree that it is no wonder people have come from around the world to marvel at the treasures found here. And of course, there is Varanasi: one of the world’s oldest cities and Hinduism’s most sacred place. The sight of thousands praying and bathing in the holy Ganges—a practice that has been repeated for millennia—is a highlight of any tour in Central India.

Bhopal, Gwailor, Maheshwar, Ujjain, Sanchi … the options are virtually endless. Take a look at the sample itineraries that can help you decide what you want to see and do on your custom tour to Central India