India Tours – Cultural Rajasthan Tour

Delhi – Agra – Ramathra – Jaipur – Chhatra Sagar – Jaisalmer – Jodhpur – Shahpura – Udaipur – Delhi

In Rajasthan, it is the color that strikes you first—the prismatic parade of different colored clothing that is worn by virtually everyone in this ancient place. It is representative of the people here: a bright counterweight to the harsh desert environs, an incandescent display of pride.

This is indeed a proud land: a place of legends and lore, spectacular forts and ornate palaces. But it is also a quiet place of friendly people, humble villages and fascinating culture not often seen by the average traveler. Let Geringer Global Travel take you on a tour to North India, and show you both the marquee monuments and the human face of Rajasthan. This is an opportunity getting you up close and personal with this fascinating Indian state.

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