India Culinary, Coffee, Tea and Wine Overview

Rajasthani Thali

Rajasthani Thali, available on a culinary tour of India (photo by Geringer Global Travel, India tour operator).

Spicy curries. Freshly baked naan and paratha. Scrumptious dishes like galouti kababs, kadak paneer and dal bukhara. The robust flavors of Indian food are legendary—the country’s cuisine is regularly ranked among the best in the world by culinary experts and travelers alike.

Mouth-Watering Dishes of India

On an India food tour with Geringer Global Travel, you’ll get to the heart of Indian cooking, as we introduce the distinctive styles and seasonings of South Indian, Punjabi, Awadhi, Brahmin and Bengali dishes. Travelers not only sample the many mouth-watering dishes of India; they will interact with this culinary culture firsthand. Wander through local markets, the air redolent with tumeric and saffron. Enjoy cooking demonstrations, interact with esteemed chefs and even witness the fascinating daily rituals of the dabbawallahs (lunch carriers) of Mumbai.

Indian dessert

A colorful Indian dessert (photo by Geringer Global Travel, India tour operator).

Tea and Coffee of India

Of course, your experience need not be limited to just food: India is renowned for its tea, coffee and wines as well. Enjoy some of the finest tea in the world as you travel on an India tea tour to Assam or Darjeeling, the famed British Hill station where you will learn about the art of growing tea from a family who has been doing it for over a hundred years. Stay on a coffee plantation amid the lush, wooded hills of Karnataka. Or, savor some fine vintages as part of a wine tour in India.

The Grape-Growing Regions of Nashik, Pune and Bangalore

Wine has a storied history in the country—from the introduction of grapevines to Indus Valley civilization in 5,000 BC to the introduction of Port by the Portuguese in Goa. Today’s India wineries flourish in charming grape-growing regions of around Nashik, Pune and Bangalore, and travelers can experience them in style with Geringer Global Travel.

And your discoveries won’t end in the dining room. Whether you are exploring the Red Fort in Delhi or experiencing an aarti ceremony in Varanasi, India’s historic and cultural treasures will further enhance your experience. We hope you’ll join us on a culinary tour of India, and learn what makes this region a favorite of gourmands all over the world.