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Ethiopia is an ancient country whose unique cultural heritage, rich history, and remarkable biodiversity are reflected in a tally of nine UNESCO World Heritage Sites – more than any other country in Africa. Within its borders, you’ll find the world’s fourth-holiest Islamic city, along with the oldest continuously occupied town south of the Sahara. Compelling antiquities include the medieval rock-hewn churches of Lalibela and Gheralta, ruined palaces and temples dating back 3,000 years, the magnificent 17th-century castles of Gondar, and the oldest human fossils unearthed anywhere on the planet. Add to this the beautiful Simien and the Bale Mountains, the spectacular volcanic landscapes of the Danakil Depression, and a wealth of mammals and birds found nowhere else in the world, and it’s little wonder that Ethiopia has become the most attractive and popular emergent tourist destination in Africa.

Historic North Ethiopia Itinerary

This tour will take you on an amazing journey through the Ethiopian highlands as you discover the history and culture of this ancient nation. Explore the rock-hewn churches of Lalibela, carved in the…

12 Days 11 Nights

Historic North and Omo Valley Ethiopia itinerary

On this two – week adventure through Ethiopia, you will learn about the only African nation to never be colonized. Visit the most important historical sites in the north: the enigmatic stellae at…

14 Days 13 Nights

The Omo Valley and Bale Mountains Ethiopia Itinerary

Venture south to visit the indigenous tribes of Ethiopia’s famous Omo Valley. Wander though one of the markets where various tribes gather every week to barter for spices, clothes, food and more. Visit…

12 Days 11 Nights