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Virtually untouched and named the happiest country on earth.
Tucked away at the top of the world, Bhutan is a veritable paradise virtually untouched by outside influence. This tiny Buddhist kingdom was hidden from the world for centuries—its borders were opened to travelers less than 50 years ago—and thus retains the enigmatic allure of an ancient land crawling into modernity. The government maintains strict guidelines in order to create a sustainable tourism—the result being an environment that is never overrun and is always enchanting.

The scenery alone is reason enough to tour Bhutan: ensconced in the mighty Himalayas, the country’s rugged white-capped peaks, lush rice paddies and pristine streams are a jaw-dropping testament to nature’s best rough-hewn handiwork. Yet it is so much more: a deeply spiritual culture, where monks live simply as they have for centuries.

Jakar Tshechu Bhutan Group Tour 2022

Jakar Tshechu Bhutan Group Tour is a special tour led by the former Ambassador to the UN, Lhatu Wangchuk. Highlights include attending Jakar Tshechu, having a traditional Bhutanese lunch at Ambassador Wangchuk’s…

17 Days 16 Nights

East to West Bhutan Itinerary

This exciting 15 – night Bhutan itinerary traverses Bhutan from east to west allowing the traveler a diverse view of Bhutan. The itinerary begins in Guwahati, India and finishes in Paro, Bhutan….

16 Days 15 Nights

Western Bhutan Itinerary

This 8 – night Bhutan itinerary explores western Bhutan and includes the beautiful and less visited Haa Valley. The wooded hills of Haa provide an ideal location for hiking and mountain biking.

9 Days 8 Nights

Beautiful Luxury Bhutan Itinerary

This six – night luxury Bhutan itinerary introduces the traveler who has a limited time to see Bhutan. This itinerary can be combined with visiting India and/or Nepal.

7 Days 6 Nights