When asked what they are looking for in a custom India package or a tour to the Subcontinent, our travelers often say that they want to visit—they want to feel like a part of the place they are visiting. They don’t simply want to see things; they want to feel them.

At Geringer Global Travel, we suggest adding specific experiences to your journey which we call immersion experiences. These special experiences allow you to look into the lives of people, to spend time with majestic elephants or have a glimpse of places not seen on the usual tour. These experiences will enrich your trip by putting you in the midst of Indian, Bhutanese, Nepalese or Sri Lankan life and culture: being a part of cultural traditions, getting an opportunity to ask questions of local people—whether they are artists or aristocrats. We have many immersion experiences. Below are a few of our immersion experiences—give us a call at 877-255-7438 or email us at info@ to learn about the many others we offer (after all, we don’t want to give all our secrets away online!).


Special Rickshaw Ride of Chandni Chowk, Delhi
Be transported back 400 years as you are taken through the bustling, narrow lanes of Chandni Chowk in Old Delhi. On this three-hour, in-depth tour, you will visit the 17th century Jama Masjid, the spectacular mosque that can fit 25,000 people; wander through Asia’s largest spice market, the air filled with a symphony of scents; witness the delightfully decorated shops, famous eateries, colorful bazaars and architectural marvels of Old Delhi. Experience the sensory extravaganza as you rumble through one of Delhi’s oldest and busiest markets.

Elefantastic, Jaipur
Elephants are among the most revered animals in the world, yet we rarely get the opportunity to see these majestic creatures up close. Elefantastic allows travelers to interact directly with the animals—washing and feeding them, learning how they are painted and decorated for celebrations and events, and even ride with them to the lake for a swim. This is a distinctive experience to which relatively few people can lay claim.

Special Heritage Tour, Jaipur
Explore the living traditions of the “Pink City” in a unique, hand-on way on this walking tour. Experience the religious life of local communities by visiting colorful temples and discover some of the architectural wonders of this storied city. Best of all, you’ll interact with artisans, shop owners, temple priests and local citizens, allowing you to gain unique insights into traditional ways of life in Jaipur.

Meet with a Contemporary Artist, Udaipur
Have a one-on-one drink with a working artist in Udaipur, allowing you to get an insider’s view of the contemporary art scene in the city. You’ll visit the studio and get a chance to talk with the artist about his or her techniques, inspirations and struggles.

Meet a Kathalaki Dance Maestro, Kerala
Learn from Kathakali maestro in the studio of a maestro of this signature Kerala dance. As you sit in this studio, feel free to ask questions as he introduces you to the world of Mudras, or ritual hand gestures.

Dinner with an Aristocrat Family, Lucknow 
Get to know an esteemed, aristocratic family in Lucknow. As you enjoy cocktails in their home, spend time chatting about the art, culture, cuisine, craft, architecture and history of the city.


Participate in Archery, the National Sport of Bhutan
Enjoy the National sport of Archery and learn archery the Bhutanese way. Archery is the national sport of Bhutan. The traditional bows and arrows are made from bamboo. There are two painted targets placed at each end of the range at about 120 meters apart. Two teams of 11 archers compete, each player shoots two arrows and the first team to get 33 points wins the match. The best archers wear multi colored scarves tied to the back of their belts. Each time an arrow hits the bulls- eye a short victory dance is performed by the team.


Visit a Family of an Ex –Kumari, Kathmandu
Interact with a family member of Dham Kumari Bhajracharya to discuss her brief, former life as a Kumari, a young girl that is worshipped as a representation of the goddess Durga.

Sri Lanka

Cooking Demo and Lunch with a Local Family, Hiriwadunna
After climbing Sigiriya, visit a local village and experience the lifestyle of this village. Before lunch have a cooking demonstration and enjoy a typical Sri Lanka village lunch with a local family. Afterwards walk around the village and experience local village life.

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