Less Traveled Path with a Cultural Medley, Tea, Tribals and Wilderness

Tour East India, a region of tropical towns and mountain villages, buzzing metropolises and serene hill stations. Thoroughly unique, this area offers a glimpse of ancient dynasties and ways of life not found on the more well-beaten travel paths of India. From the erstwhile home of the British raj to the divine domicile of Vishnu, Hindu “Lord of the Universe,” the sparkling personality of East India bursts forth in full technicolor splendor the moment you arrive.

Charming Darjeeling, Bustling Kolkata, and the Wit and Wilds of West Bengal

A tour in East India showcases completely different personalities, depending on where you are. With magnificent views of Khangchendzonga (third tallest mountain in the world), quaint and peaceful Darjeeling is, as Mark Twain put it, “the land all men desire to see,” and its hundreds of tea gardens still produce some of the world’s finest teas. Frenetic and friendly Kolkata, on the other hand, offers an urban immersion in the vibrant Bengali culture. West Bengal has long been a cultural and intellectual epicenter in India, and is also home to Sundarban National Park, the largest Mangrove forest in the world and home to the Royal Bengal Tiger.

Orissa’s Temples, Sikkim’s Serenity and Assam’s Allure

Venture into Orissa, well known for its resplendent temples (the vaunted and visually arresting Jagannath and Sun temples, for example), and perhaps explore one of the tribal villages there. Further north, a hidden treasure awaits: spectacular Sikkim. A once-independent pocket of pristine mountain landscapes between Bhutan and Nepal, Sikkim’s fresh air, remote villages and Himalayan cultural influences make it a fascinating and invigorating destination.  Explore the rice fields and bamboo groves of Assam, cruise the legendary Brahmaputra River and search for the rare one-horned rhino in Kaziranga National Park.

Give in to the charms of this region on a tour of East India. Check out our itineraries and start visualizing your adventure. Email or call Geringer Global Travel to discuss the different options for this area.

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