Nepal Festivals

Indrajatra Festival in Nepal

Indrajatra Festival in Nepal (photo courtesy of SITA, India).

From the rarefied heights of the Himalayas to the lush, verdant valleys, the people of Nepal embrace life with vigor—and this is especially evident at their annual festivals. Drawing from different cultures and religions, these festivals reflect the deeply held beliefs and buoyant spirit of the Nepalese people. Let Geringer Global Travel plan a trip to include one of these festivals in Nepal.

The Tibetan New Year celebration—called Lhosar—falls in February, and is a festive event for the Tibetan-speaking population of Nepal. Observed in areas like Khumbu, Helambu and Kathmandu, the event usually includes organized folk songs and dances.

Fagun Purnin (Holi)
Holi is among the most famous festivals in the world. Taking place in March, this ancient Hindu feast is renowned for kaleidoscopic colors: revelers douse their family and friends with colored powders and water as part of the celebration. Although it lasts a week, it is only on the last day that the colors are used.

Ghode Jatra
Ghode Jatra, or the Horse Racing Day, features a range of equine-focused events including parades, demonstrations and races. Legend has it that the horses at this April festival in Kathmandu are meant to trample on the spirit of a demon named Gurumapa.

An annual tribute to the rain god Indra, the Festival of Indra Jatra marks the end of the monsoon season. During this three-day festival, the Royal Kumari (young girls representing the divine) is carried through the streets of Kathmandu.

Dashain is the biggest festival of the year for the Nepalese, no matter what their caste or religion. During this fifteen-day event in September or October, the goddess Durga is honored with prayers, offerings and even animal sacrifices.

Attendees at Tihar worship Goddess Laxmi, the Goddess of wealth. Otherwise known as the Festival of Lights, this October event is celebrated by all ethnic groups in the country.

Enrich your tour in Nepal—and immerse yourself in the local culture—by experiencing an authentic local festival. Depending on when you plan to travel, we can customize your Nepal itinerary to include a fair, festival or cultural celebration. Contact Geringer Global Travel at 877-255-7438 or email us at to discuss how we can create a personalized Nepal tour for you.