Geringer Global Travel specializes in arranging and providing for your travel experience including but not limited to your transportation, hotel or other accommodations, tours and all activities together with many independently owned ground operators. The independent ground operators are not part of Geringer Global Travel or affiliated with Geringer Global Travel and as such have no control over them.  Geringer Global Travel works in conjunction with the independently owned ground operators and makes client arrangements on behalf of the ground operators as an accommodation to our customers and in no way is acting on the behalf of the ground operators or able to control or manage the ground operators, including but without limitation their actions, schedules, fees and policies as they are all independently owned and managed and are not affiliated in any way with Geringer Global Travel. In no event shall liability on behalf of Geringer Global Travel exceed the amount paid to Geringer Global Travel for services rendered by Geringer Global Travel. Geringer Global Travel assumes no liability nor warrants or guarantees the services provided by any independent providers within the travel process except for those of Geringer Global Travel. The services provided by the ground operators include and are limited by their own terms and conditions as set delineated on their tickets, exchange orders or vouchers issued by them and/or their suppliers.


It is important to recognize and acknowledge that Geringer Global Travel endeavors to utilize the services of ground operators and other providers that it is familiar with and are known for the quality and safety of their services; however, since Geringer Global Travel is a separate entity with no affiliation to any other service providers Geringer Global Travel cannot be held liable for any acts or omissions of any other entities involved in the travel process. GERINGER GLOBAL TRAVEL SHALL NOT BE HELD LIABLE FOR ANY PERSONAL INJURY OR PROPERTY DAMAGE WHICH MAY OCCUR DUE TO: 1) WRONGFUL, NEGLIGENT OR ARBITRARY ACTS OR OMISSIONS ON THE PART OF ANY SUPPLIER AND/OR SERVICE PROVIDERS, ITS EMPLOYEES AND OTHERS NOT UNDER THE DIRECT CONTROL OF GERINGER GLOBAL TRAVEL; OR 2) DEFECTS OR FAILURE OF ANY AIRCRAFT, VESSEL, VEHICLE OR OTHER EQUIPMENT INSTRUMENTALLY UNDER CONTROL OF INDEPENDENT SUPPLIERS. IN ADDITION GERINGER GLOBAL TRAVEL SHALL NOT BE LIABLE FOR LOSSES OR ADDITIONAL EXPENSES WITH RESPECT TO ANY DETENTION, DELAY, LOSS, DAMAGE, SICKNESS, OR INJURY, IRRESPECTIVE OF THE CAUSE, INCLUDING STRIKES, WAR, QUARANTINE AND WHETHER OR NOT


Procedures For Booking Your Trip and Payments

When booking your trip, a completed Payment and Authorization form with your signature is required. A non-refundable deposit is required once hotels are confirmed to hold hotels and to book domestic flights and trains. Deposits imposed by the service providers will be charged when they occur. Non-compliance with the deposit requirements can result in change or loss of services. All deposits are non-transferable.

All bookings are subject to the individual terms and conditions and limitations imposed by ground operators, destination management companies, airlines, hotels, and other service providers that are not affiliated with Geringer Global Travel.

The remaining balance is required 45 days before arrival to the country you are visiting. Final payment is non – refundable. No refunds will be given for the initial or final deposit once made in accordance with the time requirements under any circumstances.

Geringer Global Travel may need to modify itineraries and/or substitute hotels of a reasonably similar quality, when available, should circumstances beyond its control deem it necessary and therefore reserves the right to do so.

All services and conditions will be subject to the law regulating the activities of travel agents in the country where the services are rendered.

Cancellation Insurance and Property Insurance

Cancellation insurance is highly recommended since both deposit and final payment are non – refundable. We use Geringer Global Travel endeavors to accommodate client preferences in all aspects of the services provided. If you have a preferred insurance company, you are able to use your preferred company.

For personal property, Geringer Global Travel is not responsible for any loss or damage to your personal property; it is highly recommended that insurance be obtained.  Therefore, with respect to all baggage and personal property, passengers as with any form of travel, assume the risk of bringing said property and it is the responsibility of the passenger to obtain insurance against loss or damage of said property.


For travel to India, Bhutan, Nepal and Sri Lanka, visas are required. We will take care of acquiring your visa to Bhutan. You can receive a visa upon arrival in Nepal and Sri Lanka. However, a visa for India must be applied for and received before departing your country. There is NO VISA upon arrival in India. IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO OBTAIN THIS VISA. THERE WILL BE NO REFUNDS IF THE VISA FOR INDIA, OR ANY ADDITIONAL DESTINATION FOR WHICH IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO OBTAIN THE VISA IS NOT OBTAINED.