Luxury Bolivia Itinerary

13 Days 12 Nights

Itinerary Overview

This 12 – night itinerary will introduce you to the amazing wonders of Bolivia that include urban culture in Santa Cruz, Sucre and La Paz along with great outdoor activities at Amboro National Park, Uyuni Salt Flat and Lake Titicaca. Enjoy staying at eco lodges and unique properties.

Day 1 Arrive Santa Cruz

Upon arrival at Viru Viru International Airport, private transfer to your hotel.

Depending upon arrival time, visit Biocentro Guembé where there is a wildlife park with diverse areas and the Museum of Evolution.

Hotel: Camino Real Suites
Day 2 Santa Cruz – Amboro National Park

After breakfast, your guide will pick you up at your hotel. Visit the Samaipata Museum, the archeological site “El Fuerte”. The archeological museum focuses on the items of ancient cultures found at “El Fuerte” and surrounding areas. In “El Fuerte”, there are also samples of ancient cultures. The site is interesting due to the large amount of sandstone rock, which has abstract and figurative carvings. There are old Inca remains surrounding the rock.

Afterwards, transfer to “Los Volcanes” lodge, which lays in the beautiful Amboró National Park where you will enjoy a stunning, peaceful place. There is time in the afternoon to rest or take a dip in the waterfall nearby.

Hotel: El Refugio Los Volcanes
Day 3 Amboro National Park – Samaipata – Santa Cruz

Breakfast is at the lodge.

You will visit Amboro National Park today. Admire a high diversity of plants, like giant ferns which could grow to 13 meters high. There are many kinds of wild animals like the ant eater, armadillo, cougar, jaguar, Jukumari bear, agutí, different snakes, and an uncountable diversity of birds. Hike in the park and hopefully spot some wildlife. Frequently it is possible to find animal footprints.

In the afternoon, return to your hotel in Santa Cruz.

Hotel: Camino Real Suites
Day 4 Santa Cruz – Viru Viru International Airport – Alcantari Airport – Sucre

Breakfast is at the hotel.

Private transfer from your hotel to Viru Viru International Airport for Sucre.

Hotel: On Boutique
Day 5 Sucre

Breakfast is at the hotel.

Half day tour of Jatun Yampara. Jatun Yampara is located 23 km from Sucre. Visit native burial and ceremonial sites. Visit the chicha (native bar) tasting of chicha, the native sanctuary, small museums, textile workshop and ceramic workshop. Visit the typical houses, where community members show their way of life and customs. Textiles can be purchased directly from artisans.

Return to Sucre.

Enjoy a half day Sucre tour. During the tour, see the old town, which is recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Visit “La Casa de la Libertad” where the first government signed the Act of Independence of Bolivia. Visit Recoleta viewpoint, where an old Franciscan monastery is located, San Felipe de Nery Church, Bolivar Park and other historic monuments.

Depending on your preference, visit two museums. Sucre has a wide range of museums, that all focus on different topics. Absolute must sees are “La Casa de la Libertad”, the Museum of Indigenous Art and the Museum of Treasure, which goes into details about the mining industry of Bolivia and the minerals and metals that are mined.

Sucre, also known as the white city, thanks to the beautiful white painted buildings all around the historic city center, is the capital city of Bolivia. Sucre is known at various times as Chuquisaca, Charcas and La Ciudad de La Plata thus also as “The City of Four Names”. Sucre has some of the finest Spanish colonial architecture in South America, and enjoys a spring-like climate all year round thanks to its setting at an altitude of 2790 meters.

You will be dropped off at your hotel at the end of the tour.

At night, go to dinner at Espacio Cultural Origenes. This is a restaurant set around a large stage where, almost every night of the week, they put on a colorful, high-energy dance show featuring traditional dances from Sucre and the rest of Bolivia. The elaborately dressed dancers act out Bolivian folkloric scenes, such courtship rituals and the struggle between good and evil. There is even a touch of humor in the show, for instance in the mockery of the Spanish conquistadors. The dances are fast-paced and polished.

Each show consists of 10-11 different dances. There are three separate shows, “Magia de Bolivia”, “Origenes Bolivianos” and “Origenes de Bolivia”, which rotate on different nights. They each feature the same core dances, but differ in order and the additional dances they include. At the start of the night guests are given a detailed, high-quality program which provides background on each of the dances (in English, Spanish and French). Spanish voice-overs between dances provide further information.

Hotel: On Boutique
Day 6 Sucre – Potosi

Breakfast is at the hotel.

Private transport from Sucre to Potosi. The journey takes around 3 hours.

Hotel: Cayara Museo
Day 7 Potosi - Uyuni

Breakfast is at the hotel.

Private transport from Potosi to Uyuni. The journey takes around 5 hours. Guide will be with you during the trip.

Hotel: Palacio de Sal
Day 8 Uyuni - Colchani

Breakfast is at the hotel.

Most activities below are classed as half day activities. However, many can be combined to make a full day exploring the local area.

Cultural visit to the archaeological site of Alcaya. This is a half day activity, approximately 1 – hour drive from the lodge

The communities around the northern edge of the Salar de Uyuni are a mix of the indigenous Quechua and Aymara cultures, meaning their history and traditions are often combined. The impressively preserved burial site of Alcaya is a good example of this, and located at the foot of the spiritual peak that is the Thunupa volcano, makes for a magical setting.

Explore the different burial sites and impressive stone constructions, together with your Kachi guide and one of the local villagers. You will be able to see preserved individuals buried hundreds and thousands of years ago, together with their possessions so that they wouldn’t enter the next life empty handed. Alongside this, you will have the opportunity to visit a local villager’s home and share in their daily life for a short while.

Sharing in the farming activities in the village of Jirira. This is a 2 – 3 hour activity, a short drive or bike ride to the village.

The main subsistence activities of the local communities apart from salt harvesting are llama farming and quinoa plantations. Here you will be able to learn with the locals what this means in reality. Join Carlos for his daily routine of herding and tending to the llamas. Learn the local process of creating llama jerky, and of course give it a try.

Alongside this, Berta’s quinoa plantation will help demonstrate the origin of one of world’s current superfoods. Bolivia is one of the biggest producers of quinoa, and this region of the altiplano is one of the ideal environments for its production. Depending on the season, get involved in the planting, harvesting or processing of the quinoa grain.

Visit to the village of Coquesa. This is a 1 – 2 hour activity and is a short drive from Kachi Lodge. A short drive from the lodge, Coquesa is a beautifully preserved village, with impressive colonial constructions. Visit the local church, museum and enjoy the peaceful charm of the community.

Adventure Activities:

Downhill mountain biking on the edge of the Thunupa Volcano. This is a 2 – hour, 1 – hour drive from the lodge.

For the adventure seeker, this is one of the more extreme activities that is offered. Driving up to nearly 5,000m, the view of the Salar from up high is your first treat. From here, it really is downhill all the way, and you can enjoy the challenging twists and turns on the dirt roads back down to “Salar Level” at 3,600m. It is recommended that participants in this activity are confident off road on a mountain bike. However, your guide will be there to help give instruction and advice.

Trek to the Volcano Crater of Thunupa. This is a half day activity.

The Thunupa Volcano is considered one of the energy centers for the local communities, and what better way to experience its magnificence than reaching the edge of the crater at 5,000m. A challenging 4×4 track on the western side of the peak can take you much of the way. This is a 1 ½ hour trek to the crater. The summit itself at 5,300m is a much more technical climb. Your vantage point on the crater’s edge is more accessible and equally rewarding with the view it will give you. Descend via the same route and then return via the Salar to the lodge for a well – earned lunch or dinner.

Magical Drives, 4×4 across the Salar. This is a half day activity. This will generally be your first activity on arrival into Uyuni since driving across the Salar is the way to access Kachi Lodge. On route, however, we will take some detours to visit some of the less frequented “islands” found in the middle of the Salar. While the Salar itself is only flooded at certain times of the year, you will always find the impressive “Ojos de Sal”, natural pools of water which often create beautiful large salt crystal formations. A private picnic lunch on the Salar is a special experience with Gustu Restaurant’s gastronomy adding to the magic of your meal. The Salar is also a photographer’s dream. Your guide will be on hand to help bring this to life for you. Finally, a visit to the Salinas to learn about the salt extraction process with help demonstrate the financial as well as ecological importance of this zone, and the difficult balance that exists to maintain both.

Activity close to the lodge:

Trek to the peak of Kachi Island. This is a 1 – hour activity close to the lodge. You may have heard of the “Incahuasi Island” in the middle of the Salar. It is a beautiful setting. However, it has become extremely busy with visitors in recent years. Fortunately, at Kachi Lodge, they have their own “mini Incahuasi” just 500m from the lodge. Just 80m of ascent on a zig zag trail, it is the perfect spot to enjoy sunrise or sunset, or just to stretch your legs at any point.

Astronomy experience at the lodge:

With telescopes and expert guides on hand to bring this to life for you, a clear night sky on the Salar is a common occurrence, and the lack of artificial light means you can enjoy the constellations more fully than almost anywhere on the planet. As well as the constellations, you can learn about the Andean cosmology, and the different belief that the ancient cultures had about the night sky.

Hotel: Kachi Lodge
Day 9 Colchani

Breakfast is at the hotel.

You can pick from activities mentioned on day 8.

Hotel: Kachi Lodge
Day 10 Colchani – Uyuni Airport Joya Andina – El Alto Airport – La Paz

After breakfast, check out to transfer to the airport. Fly from Uyuni to La Paz.

Upon arrival at El Alto International Airport, private transfer to your hotel in La Paz. This is one of the highest airports in the world with an altitude at 4060 meters above sea level (13,323 feet).

Upon arrival, check into your hotel and then enjoy a city tour.

“Nuesta Señora de La Paz” is a city and municipality in western Bolivia. La Paz is Bolivia’s seat of government and the legislatures and executives. The city was founded on October 20, 1548 by the Spanish Captain Alonso de Mendoza. The center of the city is located on an altitude of approximately 3600 meters.

You will visit the city center and the most important sights. Visit “Plaza Murillo”, where the Bolivian government is based. Visit the immense Cathedral and Presidential Palace known as the Burnt Palace due to its near destruction in 1875 during an uprising. After leaving the square, head to the famous Witches Market, where you will be intrigued by the fascinating products on sale. Afterwards, visit the famous colonial street, “Calle Jaén”, where a few interesting museums are clustered together: The Museum of Musical Instruments, the Museum of Precious Metals and the Museum of Customs. Drive to Killi Killi viewpoint, which gives you the opportunity to see the city. After lunch, drive to the cable car station, Teleferico, an innovative cable car system from where you will enjoy breath taking views of the city. The last stop on the tour is Moon Valley, a place where the erosion has caused stony forms, giving the sensation to be in a real lunar environment.

Hotel: Atix
Day 11 Copacabana – Sun Island

Breakfast is at the hotel.

Travel to Lake Titicaca’s shore. Board the boat and start the trip to the Sun Island where the Inca’s Empire was born. Cross the lake for approximately an hour and a half until arriving to the south part of the Island of the Sun. This is where you visit the Archaeological remains of “Pilkokaina” Temple of the Inca, a religious center. Take a small walk to Yumani to visit the Inca garden.

Continue to the lodge for dinner and overnight.

Hotel: La Estancia Ecolodge
Day 12 Sun Island – Copacabana – La Paz

Breakfast is at the hotel.

After breakfast, return to Copacabana on the boat. This takes about 2 hours.

Arrive in Copacabana and visited the Brown Virgin’s Sanctuary and the local fair of Copacabana.

Hotel: Atix
Day 13 La Paz – El Alto Airport

Breakfast is at the hotel.

Private transfer from your hotel to El Alto International Ai. English speaking guide included.