A city which affectionately seizes a mellow sunset in its arms, which exhibits the timeless beauty of Dutch architecture, and which proudly upholds the badge of World Heritage site by UNESCO, Galle is the most prized treasure of Sri Lanka.

Apart from the grassed ramparts and brick walls, mighty fortresses and symmetrical streets adorned with Dutch designs, Galle has several enticing experiences that seize one’s attention, time and heart in a jiffy. Observe the wrinkled alleys, learn the perfect culinary technique for crab curry or sway in the boat, enjoying the green realm.

Explore the legendary hill of Rumassala, shrouded in myth and folklore

Words do no justice to what the eyes witness at Rumassala! Strolling through the hill, eyeing the sapphire blue waters and the emerald, green trees blend into each other ceaselessly is a mystic sight. This sanctuary is seized within the jungle beaches, where lush vegetation provides welcome shade and creates an idyllic environment for relaxation. Walking through the hills, embracing the mix of wild exotic plants, medicinal herbs and beautiful shrubs and interacting with friendly residents is the one of the finest ways of enjoying Galle.

History and architecture walk around Galle Fort

Built in the 17th century, Galle Fort embodies the majestic beauty and alluring architecture of the Dutch where legacy, grandeur and entrancing stories are busy stealing a look from each corner. Sauntering the cobblestoned pathways flanked by antique shops, heritage houses and restaurants offering everything from Moroccan delicacies to crepes, with an informed guide who unveils the historical tales of the evolution of these ramparts and the battles that took place in the name of the fort, is how every traveler love spending their day.

Night tour at the Dutch Fort

Nights are for reminiscing about the glorious past and swaying in the tales that cradle in the lap of magnificent edifices! As the sky turns ink-blue in Galle, the Dutch Fort lights up, painting a marvelous sight for all eyes. Wandering down the cobblestone roads that glitter under the moonlight while having conversations about the colonial era with a local guide and hearing the hoots of owls and sweet sounds of nightingale is a one-of-a-kind experience.

Cooking with Wasanthi

Sri Lankan legacy goes from the wrinkled surface of its forts to the delicious flavors on its plate. The making of the authentic Sri Lankan rice and curry is a flavorful art that has been passed down from generation to generation. Relishing the opportunity for an interactive cooking class is always a fun idea! From bargaining at the local Dutch market to learning the technique for acing the perfect Sri Lankan curry with the help of Traditional Southern maestro, this experience offers it all!

Spend the morning at Galle Fish Market

The clamor and the colors grasped at the Galle Fish Market are worth all effort! During the wee hours when the fishing boats come in with the catch, it is a zestful madhouse dotted with locals and chefs from restaurants trying to get their hands on the freshest catch. Being present there gives immense thrill and the unmatched feeling of belonging to the place!

Traditional art tour with an award-winning craftsman

Creative arts are an integral part of Sri Lanka’s rich cultural heritage, which is why stepping foot into this dreamy realm and getting to experience its beguiling and charming arts is something we highly recommend! Spending a day at Ambalangoda, a small coastal city famous for its arts and crafts and having tea with phenomenal artists while listening to their hearty stories related to the culture, is the closest one can feel to the heritage of Sri Lanka.

Take a boat ride down the Kapu Ela River and cycle around the rural city of Galle

Being immersed within tropical greenery and a tranquil ambiance is the epitome of the ease one seeks. This experience offers exactly that! Floating calmly in a boat embraced in the scenic countryside surrounding Galle and passively moving down the Kapu Ela River feels like a natural spa session. After the boat ride, cycling across the glistening paddy fields, and quaint winding roads is a faultless way of hugging the pristine nature of Galle.

Trek the Kanneliya Rainforest and have a local meal by the lake

Each corner of Galle exemplifies the tranquility of nature, pristine aura, and a refreshing realm that soothes one’s mind, body, and soul. Snugged within its beauty is the last remaining large rainforest in Sri Lanka, the Kanneliya Rainforest, which offers the truest essence of thrill and peace at the same time. Trekking through it and knowing why it is the most floristically rich area is heart-pleasing, following which a wholesome local meal is the deliciousness a belly awaits!