A proud bearer of the tag ‘Lion Fortress’, Sigiriya is where the ancient glamor of Sri Lanka resides! The gigantic rocks, the perplexing wild and the remnants of a ruined palace, Sigiriya surely deserves to be known as the Eighth wonder of the world.

Being the ancient capital of Sri Lanka, the experiences in Sigiriya revolve around scraping the charm of the ruins and getting the closest possible look at the beauty of the antiquated times. Don’t mistake the city to be a boring one, out of a history textbook, as Sigiriya will spin you around and escalate your spirits in no-time.

A visit to a Sri Lankan village with lunch

This experience is all about embracing the pristine form of Sri Lanka’s village life, feeling the soft flutters of exotic butterflies, and relishing a view that looks like it has been painted by God himself! Spending an entire day in ‘God’s village’ is equal to hugging the soul of Sri Lanka. The day includes going along with the local’s routine and devouring meals cooked in clay pots with Sri Lankan herbs and spices. The good olden style hospitality is worth it!

Hot air ballooning in the Cultural Triangle

Stepping foot in the glowing hot-air balloon during the wee hours of the day when clouds gleam radiantly over swamp woodlands and tassels of daylight spin around the Cultural Triangle is an unbelievable experience that turns into a forever memory. Passively floating over the Cultural Triangle, with champagne in one hand and eyeing the mystic beauty – Sigiriya, Kandalama tank and the Golden Temple at Dambulla, is indeed unreal.


For those who like the taste of adventure and want to challenge themselves, this experience will be more than fulfilling. Climbing up the maze of stairs and reaching the summit to eye the mesmeric reclining statue of Buddha takes away the breathlessness of the trek. Gazing at the historicity of the sight makes the climb worth it!

Habarana Jungle Walk/Jeep Tour Ending With A Sun Downer

Dipped in vibrant truths of the past, Habarana is where the grandeur of history meets the thrill of the wild. Walking into the depths of this woodland along with a naturalist opens doors to a number of absorbing stories from the past. Here, one is surrounded by the tranquil lake where the wild lay leisurely, the thick woods where the birds perch and the glory of nature. Ending the day on a rock cliff with a sweeping view of the jungle and the somberness of the setting sun is breath taking.

Explore Rural Villages in Sigiriya and Habarana with a villager by cycles

Known for their charm of simpler times, Sigiriya and Habarana are dotted with the greens, the flowing fields of crops, and the vitalizing set of wildlife. Cycling through these fields along with a local, brushing one’s hands on the crisp rice plantations, embracing the textures of varied floras and listening to the stunning wildlife in the backdrop is how one should explore here!

Open Top jeep tour with a villager

The splendor felt on an open jeep amidst the lush greens and molten blue sky while the tassels of sunrays smoothly run through one’s face, is indeed the classic and finest way of exploring the wild. Moving passively on the jeep, let one soak in all the realm and take a mental picture of the beauty of Sigiriya and Habarana.