Inspirational narratives are unfolding all around the world as sustainable travel is steadily making inroads in beautifully curated programs from eco-centric travel partners in the tourism business. While economies are being tasked to be more circular and travel more ethical, less wasteful, the momentum is building up for cleaner, greener experiences. As you travel around Sri Lanka, you will discover that the newly defined parameters are working towards the protection of destinations, local cultures, and activities for the places you visit to remain economically vibrant, but lots of fun as well.

Weligama Surf School

Surfing, it is said, has acquired almost a cult status amongst environment-conscious aficionados. That perfect moment when one is seamlessly in accord with an untamed ocean is considered a spiritual experience. For not only is your body poised on that slim board, totally in sync with the movement of the waves, your soul is enraptured by that ecstatic, other-worldly moment. It should come as no surprise that surfing is often associated with pro-environmental attitudes and bio-centrism – a viewpoint that denies human superiority over nature and accepts that all living beings are equal. Get a taste of this mind-blowing experience in the picturesque setting of Galle’s crystal-clear waters at Weligama Bay. Even novices can, under careful mentorship from professional surfing coaches at the surfing school here, enter this amazing world where man and nature are in total harmony with each other. It’s an exhilarating experience and certainly not to be missed when you’re visiting these parts.

Waste not – want not

You may come away from Sri Lanka with fond memories of your first surfing lesson at the beautiful Arugam Bay, but other important stories are unfolding in this picturesque hot spot. These are of the conservation kind. The amazing work being carried out here by the pioneering efforts for a sustainable life at the Wasteless Arugam Bay and Rice & Carry is sure to leave a lasting impression of your travels here.

These two social enterprises are increasingly significant for showing the way forward in the anti-waste and recycling movement. You will enjoy the rewarding learning experience of opening up conversations on how they contribute to preserving the ecosystem of this serene coastal town. Both agencies have also created an excellent platform for empowering the local community. You will be surprised to discover the great canvas of the activities of Wasteless Arugam Bay, which involves local schools, community stakeholders, and travelers about their educational programs to raise awareness and promote behavioral change. Rice & Carry also provides a source of livelihood to the women in the neighborhood.

As you draw up plans for your next holiday, keep in mind to be a respectful traveler and make sure your actions veer away from contaminating the local environment and precious culture.

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